By Far The Best!

Dr. Mueller does a very good job, by far, the best chiropractor I have ever been to and I have seen quite a few. The warm water and massaging jets of the hydrotherapy bed really helps before treatments.

Patrick Boeckenstedt

Migraine Headaches!
A co-worker told me how great they felt from going to Dr. Mueller so I made an appointment. I originally started care because of migraine headaches. I noticed improvement very soon. I now get them less frequent and I notice I get better sleep, overall I feel much better. I like the time Dr. Mueller spends with me to help fix the problem. He explains what he is doing and the reasons why. I referred him to family and friends.

Edward Carpenter

Pain Immediately Alleviated!

I met Dr. Kevin and Tracy when I was a college student and asked Kevin about his practice. I had tried several chiropractors and was unlucky finding one I was happy with. The pain in my neck and hips immediately was alleviated after my first visit. If I feel symptoms starting I make sure I get an appointment right away. Since seeing Dr. Kevin I haven't been sick in over a year and I experience less headaches. I appreciate the time and the relaxing therapies because after I'm relaxed I feel my muscles and bones respond better to the adjustments. I recommend Dr. Kevin to all my friends.

Samantha Morrill

Relaxing Therapies!
I heard great things about Dr. Mueller and I knew his brother Eric Mueller so I called for an appointment. I noticed immediate results. I felt more relaxed and seemed to sleep better at night. I enjoy the different relaxing therapies also. I have referred others to his office.

Pete Weber

Improvement After My First Visit!

I was not satisfied with the chiropractor I was seeing and a friend suggested Dr. Mueller. My friend is a massage therapist and patient of Dr. Mueller who really likes his approach. I noticed an improvement after my first session. I felt more relief after one session than I had felt after 5 sessions with the other chiropractor. I like that I can usually get an appointment the same day or next day. I appreciate the time Dr. Mueller spends with me at each visit. I enjoy the massage bed and deep tissue massage of my problem areas. I feel the manual adjustments feel very natural after the muscle work rather than a shock to my body like with other chiropractors. I have referred Dr. Mueller to my husband, parents and friends.

Sarah Richter

I Get Well Much Faster!

I originally saw Dr. Mueller because I would get radiating pain down my arms. I have been to other chiropractors and they would just adjust me and I would be in and out in just a few minutes. Dr. Mueller's approach is different. I relax on a table that massages my muscles for 20 minutes. Dr. Mueller will then combine massage and stretching before the chiropractic treatment. I get well much faster with Dr. Mueller. I refer everyone to his office.

Mark Edminster

Sleep Better At Night!

I have been going to chiropractors for many years. I am happy to have tried Dr. Mueller because of the relaxing therapies and friendly service. I not only have less pain but I sleep better at night and seem to not get sick as often. I feel so relaxed when I leave and the adjustments help right away. I referred many friends and relatives to his office.

Rita Brown

Better In Just A Few Visits!

I suffered from back pain so my father referred me to Dr. Mueller. I seemed to get better in just a few visits. Once I was better I chose to make monthly appointments to help prevent back pain. I enjoy my appointments because of the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and I always feel better when I leave.

Billy Potter

Lower Back Pain!

I started using Chiropractic First to get relief when I had neck and lower back pain. Dr. Mueller's approach incorporates muscle massage and is more comprehensive than the quick adjustments I had received from other chiropractors. I also appreciate the preventative advice including stretching and helpful exercises. I regularly refer family and friends to Dr Mueller.

Eric Amberg

Keep My Body Tuned Up!

I am very active in ballet and dance at school. I dont have any problems but I enjoy going to Dr. Mueller to keep my body tuned up so I can perform at my best. I feel like Im going to a spa rather than a doctor's office.

Taylor Muench

Customizes His Approach!

I first consulted with Dr. Mueller when I was injured from work. I had some friends that went to him. It took me about a week before I could go back to work. I like his approach. He used a combination of heat, muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercises, and adjustments to help me heal faster. At the beginning the pain was so bad he used a light force adjusting instrument. Once the pain was under control, he was able to use manual adjusting. I like how he customizes his approach for my situation. Dr. Mueller gave me some good tips on how to prevent the injury from re-occurring. If your looking for a chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Mueller.

Brian Rieckens

Swimmers Ear!

I was referred to Dr. Mueller from my brother and his success with chiropractic care. I originally went in for hip pain and felt immediate results. I frequent more often now that I feel more comfortable and confident in chiropractic. It feels like a spa treatment when I leave. I find that I sleep better at night. I brought my child to Dr. Mueller for chronic swimmers ear and she has been better now going on two years. I mention Dr. Mueller to everyone I know that could use his help.

Maureen Crahan

Recommend Anyone With Pain or Stress!

I started to see Dr. Mueller because as I get older playing basketball and golf, it was getting more difficult on my lower back pain. It would take longer and longer to get my back to loosen up to a point where I was comfortable. I would recommend anyone with pain or stress to spend some time on the relaxation table as I always feel better after each visit.

Chad Breen

Help Reduce Injury And Keep Me Flexible!

Whenever I'm in town I make sure I get an appointment with my brother Kevin. As a PGA golf professional I see the kind of wear and tear a body goes thru from golf. Kevin checks my spine for misalignments corrects them and then stretches my low back muscles. He taught me some great stretches specifically for my golf game. I know going to him will help reduce injury and help keep me flexible.

Eric Mueller

Cluster Headaches!

I originally saw Dr. Mueller for cluster headaches. I suffered with them for years. I would always have to rely on medications. Once under care I noticed the frequency has been dramatically reduced. I am very happy with the results. Now I see Dr. Mueller once in awhile and look forward to the relaxing therapies and massage before the chiropractic treatment.

Brad Muench

Always Feel Better After My Appointment!

I am a busy Mom who has lots of back and neck pain. I love going to Dr. Mueller's office to not only relax on the tables but to also have deep tissue massage of the problem areas before the actual adjustment. I always feel so much better after my appointment. I have been to other chiropractors but none of them allowed me to relax before the adjustment. I love the techniques Dr. Mueller uses and really enjoy going. It is so wonderful to feel better and to be able to be active with my children.

Laura Chandlee

Service is Superior...Price is Affordable!
I also enjoy going to Dr. Mueller when Im in town. The service is superior and the price is affordable. I usually have a stiff low back and when Dr. Mueller combines the adjustment with some stretching I have a lot more flexibility when I leave his office.

Joe Mayerle

Approach Totally Unique!

I started going to Dr. Mueller for low back pain that traveled down my legs. It took about 3 weeks to reduce those symptoms. I was somewhat skeptical since Ive been to chiropractors in the past and I would be in and out in a few minutes and often hurt worse. I am really happy with Dr. Mueller's techniques and the amount of time he spends with me. Ive been to many chiropractors and his approach is totally unique. Ive referred Dr. Mueller to my family and friends and they agree with me.

Toby Clauer

Lots of Neck and Back Pain!
Sitting at a desk as well as lots of traveling causes me lots of neck and back pain. Dr. Mueller listened to me explain my discomforts and carefully determined the adjustment needed. I love the relaxation and treatments he uses to get me feeling good in order to perform well at my job.

Chad Chandlee

Takes The Pressure Off!
I have been seeing Dr Mueller for about 4 years now. I started to look for a chiropractor one day after two nights of no sleep due to my neck hurting. I had no idea why it was hurting, so I thought I should see a chiropractor to maybe align me better and take pressure off. I looked in the phone book because I was new in town and his price was the best! I felt very comfortable in his office, he had state of the art equipment. I was in and out in 1/2 hour or so. Ever since then I have been seeing him at least once a month regularly and feeling great!

Monica Pinto

Love The Jade Table!

I enjoy going to Dr. Mueller when I am in town. I love the jade table with the heat. I also like that I have a choice on how to be adjusted. He uses manual, drop table and instrument adjusting techniques.

Tonia Mayerle

Takes Care of My Insurance!

I went to Dr. Mueller for low back pain. I felt better right away. I really noticed an increase in my range of motion. I like the jade acupressure table that projects heat as it stretches my back. I like how he massages the areas before the adjustment. Also, I like how Chiropractic First takes care of my insurance without me having to deal with it. I mention Chiropractic First to anyone expressing the need for chiropractic.

Bill Stoffel

Achieve Lasting Results!

I was referred by my husband who saw Dr. Mueller for a work injury. He was referred by his co-workers. I suffered with chronic back pain and headaches. I felt much better after a few visits. Overall, I feel more relaxed and have fewer headaches and am able to function better. I like the very flexible scheduling and the massage therapy before treatments is a major benefit. Dr. Mueller also spends quality time with his clients. I referred Dr. Mueller to family, friends and co-workers. It took me a long time to find a chiropractor who utilizes all the therapies the way Dr. Mueller does to achieve lasting results.

Melinda Blosch

Makes Me Feel Comfortable!
I went to Chiropractic First after seeing an advertisement. I had suffered with headaches and within a few sessions I noticed the frequency of headaches have drastically reduced. I feel more relaxed after the hydrotherapy bed and I really like the time he spends with me at each session. Dr. Mueller is down to earth, he makes me feel comfortable when I'm there. I tell everyone about him.

Rhonda Hillery

Flexible Appointments!
I was referred to Dr. Mueller from a friend of mine. I have a demanding job and would often get low back pain. I'm very happy for that referral. Since going to Dr. Mueller I feel so much better and tell my family and friends about him. I also like the flexible appointments and the reasonable fees.

Gene Peterson

My Body Overall Feels Better!

I had pain in my shoulder blade and was referred to Dr. Mueller from a co-worker. I had improvement right away. I decided to see Dr. Mueller more often rather then letting the pain get to bad. Since being under care I noticed I dont get sick as often and my body overall feels better. I like the relaxing muscle work and the time Dr. Mueller spends with me at each visit. I have recommended Dr. Mueller to others.

Linda Lochner

Less Headaches and Sleep Better!
I originally found Dr. Mueller in the yellow pages. I have been going to Dr. Mueller for several years. I have less headaches and sleep better. I am also able to do the recreational activities without pain. Dr. Kevin is always willing to work around my schedule to get me in and is always friendly. I most enjoy the relaxing therapies and the manual adjustments. The combination makes me feel great. I have referred friends, family and co-workers and will continue to do so.

Holly Carner

Great Improvement After First Visit!

I strained some back muscles at work. I found Dr. Mueller in the phone book and made an appointment. I felt great improvement after the first visit. The combination of massage, heat, physical therapy and chiropractic really helped me get back to work soon. I decided to make more of an effort to see Dr. Mueller on a regular basis. Overall I feel I have more flexibility and less pain. I really enjoy the water massage table. I feel great after each appointment and referred my parents, brothers and an uncle to Dr. Mueller.

Jeff Beecher

Customized Approach!

I was referred to Dr. Mueller from my friends. I have problems with my neck and shoulders due to my work as a stylist. I enjoy the muscle therapy that Dr. Mueller does before the chiropractic treatment. I also like the amount of time he spends with me. He really goes that extra step. I refer my family and friends to him.

Kristin Helling

Headaches and Hip Pain!
I was referred to Dr. Kevin by some friends. I suffered from headaches and hip pain. I felt relief after the first visit. I like how Dr. Kevin will do his best at getting me in right away. I enjoy the hydromassage bed and the time he spends massaging my neck and back before he does the adjustment. After the adjustment he will stretch my muscles. I refer him to people all the time.

Rita Blum

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